If your watch watch says "Quartz" anywhere on it, that means it runs by a battery.

When your watch needs the battery replaced, often times the watch will completely stop. 

If your watch is running slow, it may just be a low battery, but in some cases it is not.  It may need to be serviced.  We can test all of this in our store while you wait.

In some cases (usually with Swiss watches) the second hand will tick in 5 second intervals showing you the battery is almost dead.  This is referred to as an end of life indicator or EOL.

This basically gives you about a month to take your watch in to get the battery replaced.

We have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to replace the watch battery on your watch to factory specifications at our Valencia location.

All of our watch battery replacements have a 1 Year Warranty.  There is no such thing as a "3 year" or "5 year" battery.  When a shop offers you this, you're buying the warranty, not a different battery.

We do offer a LIFETIME BATTERY REPLACEMENT option.  We will provide you with a Battery Replacement Card that includes a detailed description of the watch it accomapanies.

We have the equipment to pressure test your watches to guarantee water resistance.

ALL watch battery replacements are done while you wait or shop.

Watch battery prices:

  • $18-$20 for MOST watches.
  • Higher end Swiss watches will cost slightly more, between $25-$28 (ie. Gucci, Omega, Baume Mercier, etc).
  • Tag Heuer battery replacements with a pressure test is $50.
  • Cartier battery replacements with a mandatory vacuum test is $48.
  • Luminox battery replacement without pressure test are $18
  • Luminox battery replacement with pressure test $36
  • Nixon battery replacement are $18. (Excl. 51-30 models)
  • Nixon 51-30 battery replacement is $20 (Pressure test optional ($18 additional))
  • Car remote key fob batteries are $18
  • We have the batteries for all car key fobs including BMW, LEXUS, Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover, Toyota, Prius, Honda, Acura, Porsche, and all the others.

ALL FIRST RESPONDERS GET 15% OFF!  Just show us your credentials!

Feel free to call 661-222-9700 or email us at repairs@vtcwatches.com to get an exact price and procedure for your watches.

Due to our long time relationship with Princess Cruises employees, we do offer a special discount on watch battery replacements and watch repairs for all Princess employees.  Just show us your badge!

Battery replacement process:

1. We inspect the watch and determine what tool is needed to properly open the case back.

2. Carefully open the watch to expose the battery.

3. Test the watch battery to ensure voltage is low and replacing the battery will make the watch perform to factory specs.

4. Install new watch battery.

5. Seal caseback and crown to maintain water resistance. If the caseback gasket is damaged or dry, we will replace it for a minimal charge.

6. Close caseback

7. Test water resistance and ensure the watch does not have any leaks.
Pressure testing is at an additional charge.